Well, guys.

I’m reformatting my computer. That means I barely have any GIFs left.

I think I did about six “you have no life when this blog describes you perfectly”

So yeah.


nogoodcancomefrombad-deactivate: When you've read this entire blog, and it's now your favorite site.
propunk: You have no life when every single 'you have no life when...' describes you perfectly.
seeking-out-gallifrey: That last ask gave me an idea:
You know you have no life when... you've read through this WHOLE blog (which I have...XD)
musiclovingjedi-deactivated2014: I just read *everything* on this blog.... I don't feel any shame though.... What does this mean??


This blog is probably the most boring thing I have ever done…

But yes, you have been diagnosed with terminal Tumblrness. You have ASDFGHJKL; years left to live.

chokecaine: Do you look pretty walking down the street in the best damn dress you own?

I can play all the songs on my Guitar Hero

I can play all the songs on my Guitar Hero